Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our very first post...

It's pretty hard to type with paws (of course if Mommy would let me practice on her laptop like I want to, I'd be a whole lot better), so we have the humans pecking out our first entry.

We've been living with our subjects owners for nearly two years now. It seems like just yesterday we got here. The dude that lives here sneaks us tidbits that we are apparently not supposed to have. That makes the long-haired chick who feeds us the dry crap really mad. She also attempts to brush our teeth with chicken-flavored glop. We're pretty sure she's on a lot of medication, so we try to not fuss too much. Sometimes she puts soap all over us and makes us smell really bad like them. She's a little nuts, but we still like her.

We've never had a blog before and have no idea what this is all about, but we have fun all the time everyday, so we're pretty sure this will be fun, too. Beats taking a crap in the rain!

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